Book Update January 2017

I don’t know about you, but I had set my sights pretty high last year. I’ve been trying to finish a book on accompaniment techniques which I had started several years ago, and instead, ended up:

  • Building this website
  • Playing piano and sometimes organ for my church
  • Organizing, Producing and making Powerful Praise Music Conference happen
  • Going to Pine Lake Music’s Composer’s Symposium put on by Joe Martin,
  • Playing piano at several weddings and a memorial service
  • Working in Los Angeles for two months
  • Playing piano for a recording
  • Accompanying and singing with Men of Grace at the N.W. Gideon’s Int. Conference
  • Working in my regular day job
  • Singing in a Choir
  • Playing Piano for a Christian Camp which I play at every year
  • Taking an online Composing and Arranging class
  • Writing out my first piano arrangement
  • Assisting with our Church Choir and Christmas Cantata
  • Writing out my first arrangement for Children’s Choir
  • Shoveling Snow in the Beautiful Northwest!

And you know, in spite of all that, I still was able to make great strides toward finishing the book! I have almost all the musical examples in and checked, and am in process of some final additional details, building the index and appendixes. Then it will need to be proofed, formatted and printed. I think you will be almost as excited as I am when it comes out (HOPEFULLY ) By March 1st!

All in all, I think it was a pretty profitable year, not monetarily, I can assure you, but in knowledge and understanding, and that ought to be worth something! So for those of you who have been patiently waiting…and waiting…and waiting… would you mind praying that I would have wisdom and understanding as I wrap up the final details?

Thank you for your continued patience with me!

One Reply to “Book Update January 2017”

  1. ‘Quite a year! I know you were a blessing to many. I will definitely continue praying for you, and I am so excited to see your book when it’s done! Many blessings on the rest of the process!

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