Left hand techniques for hymn-playing

Sorry for the delay (its been a busy week with a wild windstorm on Tuesday, and trying to get some of my regular outdoor jobs buttoned up before the snow sets in!)

Today, I’d like to share some left hand piano techniques with you. While there are thousands of techniques out there that are available and effective for hymn playing and gospel music, here are three different ways to play the most used: Stride. Though it has its basis in classical music (explained in the text) Stride is a variation on the basic pattern. Which is effective on the piano in part because of its emphasis on the root of the chord, and also in that it keeps the rhythm of the music.

(I’ve been learning about WordPress.com vs. WordPress.org, as I tried in vain, to insert this as a picture, or PDF. That’s what part of the delay was about.) Someday soon, I hope, these tips will be inserted in directly so you don’t have to download them, but for now, you’re stuck with downloading this PDF right out of the book that I’m working on. All of this and more will be in the book when I finish it.

Three left hand rhythmic patterns.

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