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I’ve just added several new videos to the Videos and Youtube clips page, which you may be interested in checking out. One of the most interesting ones is the TED talk by Julian Treasure, on Sound. I highly recommend it!



Chord Substitute on “Take Time To Be Holy”

How to Substitute ii Minor instead of V

Here are two links to videos of a piano improvisation lesson that Mr. Neil Craig taught to three sisters, sometime ago. Neil was very kind to give me permission to share them with you. The lesson focuses on substituting a 2 minor chord where the music calls for a V, or V7 chord.

(It was not pre-scripted and it is obviously not edited. You are getting it in raw form – very repetitious. It was just a last minute idea to record something that they could refer back to before their next lesson.)

The basis of this lesson is: where the music calls for a V or V7 chord, at the end of a phrase,  you can play a ii minor and then the V or V7. He also talks briefly about proper voicing (appropriate to the message of the song) when playing chords, and about proper hand position so as not to allow tension to build up (Part 2).

For the beginning improvisor, or even if you’ve done it for a while, and never thought of using the ii minor substitution where the music calls for a V or V7, These are great lessons in chord substitution!

Part one is here:

Part 2 is here: