Welcome to the Hymnprovisation Blog!

Welcome to Hymnprovisation.com

As a musician in the House of the LORD, your job is to assist the congregation in worshiping the LORD in song. On this blog you should find in the coming days, sound bytes, articles, links, sheet music, videos and other resources to help you learn to play hymns, gospel songs, praise songs, and other sacred music in both an appropriate and enthusiastic manner. The purpose of this blog is to assist musicians in churches around the world in making the best music they can for the LORD. I have by no means arrived, though I’ve certainly learned a few things in the last 20 years or so, but we are in this journey together, so welcome aboard!


By way of introduction, I have been playing hymns and gospel songs in church for over 20 years, and while by no means am the most accomplished pianist (far from it), I have been able to pick up a few things here and there from others and apply them to playing hymns and gospel songs in churches. Lately people have asked me to teach some of these things to others who play in church as well.  This website’s purpose is to share some of these with you in hopes that you too, might be able to take a hymn, gospel song, or really any other music as written, and easily apply the techniques that are available to play the message of the song.

Our first and foremost allegiance is to the Chief Musician, The King of kings, The Creator of mankind and of this wonderful thing we call music! Music was designed to bring Him honor and praise, and it is Him we seek to glorify, not we ourselves! May the LORD Himself be with us in this quest!

In the following days, I hope to bring you music, articles, links to other good resources, snippets, videos, sound bytes, classes and workshops, and an entire book on this subject which I am in the process of writing. I may from time to time, post a link to a YouTube video that demonstrates a point. Understand that I am not endorsing it, only using it as an example. You are free to turn it off if its offensive.


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